stretching long narrow vertical canvases / last minute adjustments to purple rock II / by Philip Tarlow

4:58 PM: today, up until about an hour before leaivng the studio, i was mired in tiresome but necessary paperwork & phone calls. so that makes 2 days in a row that i haven’t painted, even though i was in the studio. unremarkable? perhaps for you. but for me, it’s painful.

so now that i got that off my chest, lets get to what happened during the last 2 hours today. i decided to make 3 new tall skinny paintings: two 48x20” and one 48x12”. they both will be verticles, intended for available walls in a professional office space in boulder. it’s challenging to stretch a canvas with those dimensions & not have wrinkles show up. on the 12 incher, they did, so i wet the back to shrink the canvas & eliminate the wrinkles. we’ll see in the morning. there’s a danger the canvas will shrink so much that it warps. we’ll see in the morning. these are lighter weight stretcher bars than i normally use, and thus more prone to warping. if i could afford it right now (we’re tight because of where we’re at with out start up educational product) i’d get those super strong stretcher bars i see on blick.

but before walking out the door & going 500 feet to our house, i impulsively grabbed a blue oil stick and began making marks on a painting i had intended to work on tomorrow morning; it was too dispersed.

i actually love those moments of impulsivity. the energy had been buiding all day. “what’s the fucking point?” i asked myself while sifting through a stack of piss-pointless paperwork. “what’s the fucking point?” i wondered as i made calls to various institutions that like to warn you “this call is being recorded….” and what, pray tell, is NOT being recorded? “all of our agents are helping oher customers, please leave your name and number and someone will call you back shortly”

i don’t normally go off like this. stuff happens.

inevitably, what’s been fermenting within me for years will emerge in the paintings i’ll be executing over the next period of time. and, speaking of time, mikela and i have decided that when people start fishing to learn our ages, we will now respond “i’m 1000 years old.” it happened at the passover seder the other night. they try & pin you down, using well known events (in this case the dictatorship in greece, which i lived through) to zero in on a likely age, when i begin to get that vibe, my answer will be “i’m 1000 years old.” now that we’re 1000 years old, it feels good. it feels right. so next year i’ll be 1001….big deal!

so anyway, getting back to the impulsive marks i made at the very end of my day in the studio, here’s purple rock II before (left) & after (right) my impulsive marks. good night friends.