more on the evolution of the motion paintings / by Philip Tarlow

day 1 of k’s new landscape painting, 16x16” oil on linen

6:20 PM: today my mentee k. came to the studio & started a beautiful new painting, which you see on the right.

BELOW: the two plein air gouaches on top reflect the evolution of decades of plein air painting here in crestone, and before that on the cycladic island of andros, greece. while the forms are becoming more and more simplified, the colors have remained more or less true to the earth colors of nature. in the 2 motion series paintings on the bottom, the abstracted rock forms have burst into color. reds and blues dominate, while the ground remains a tan-ish earth tone. each step of the way, these departures from the actual tones and colors i observe at the creek seem to me like a risky leap into the unknown. it’s a process. and there’s no short cut.