continuing work on purple rock II / by Philip Tarlow

purple rock II as it looked moments ago, at 4pm

4 PM: i knocked myself out doing a third round of adjustments, so i’ll get back to it in the morning. it’s always good to work on more than one & go back & forth, which is what i’ll likely do tomorrow. my dental implant took place only 4 days ago, and the stiches are still in. so when i get too tired or do too much it starts throbbing. time to lie down with mikela & relax.i

1:50 PM: purple rock II did not pass the essential first glance test when i walked in this morning, so i’ve been making more revisions. i haven’t been using black at all in this series, so my choice to include it today may be temporary. or i may tone it down so much that it no longer reads as black.

BELOW left: purple rock II yesterday, middle: today at 2pm & right: the painting at 4pm today