icy creek post-op / by Philip Tarlow

1:14 PM:my gum surgery was friday morning. he took a piece of my palette & used that to fill in a space in one of my lower teeth. so 2 sets of stitches. yesterday there pretty out of it. today as well, but i felt the need to get over here to my studio & at least get something done. i removed the scroll project series of 4 raw raw pieces of linen from the wall & rolled them up. in the end, i’m not into painting on raw linen. at least not right now.

so i made a few changes to icy creek, which was a preparatory study for the scrolls. you might say i gave it a kick in the balls, with the introduction of black, pink & a red dot. below you see the 2/28 version on the left and todays version right.

this morning i recieved notice from space gallery that the may show in which i’m one of 4 artists participating, has a new title: environment remixed. here’s the invitation