at work on all 4 panels / by Philip Tarlow

the 4 panels, each 84x18”, as they looked today at 2pm. work will resume at the end of the week.

2:23 PM: today i cut the last 2 panels from the raw linen and started working on them. as i worked i saw areas of the first two that needed work, so i went back on forth, using the step ladder when necessary. i can’t recall ever working on this scale; the entiire composition is 84 x 77” the wrinkles you see, by the way, will disappear once the wooden dowels are sewn in on the top & bottom of each scroll.

for some artists this is not unusual. i would say right now, it’s my second favorite dimension, the first being about 16x20” i’d love to see it in a really expansive space, which is one reason i hope mike, director of space gallery, comes on board with including it in the may show, once he sees it.