triple creek, 16x60 1/4" / by Philip Tarlow

triple creek 16x60 1/4, as it looked moments ago

1:36 PM: after making some calls regarding a possible show in carbondale, co., i went over to my work table and pondered the 3 16x20” canvasses i painted over yesterday. they were originally conceived as 3 separate works. i placed them side by side horizontally and began fooling around, first laying down a fresh coat of yellow specially blended for this session, then drawing into the fresh paint with oil sticks. very sensual it is, drawing into fresh oil paint with oil sticks. they slide about like greased bear paws, leaving trails of colors in their wake. i used 3 separate photos taken at the icy creek, one as recent as 2 days ago & all 3 printed out on 13x17” paper. riffing. playing. and when it began getting serious, getting real, i paused for fear of getting into my scheming mind.

then i flipped them over and began searching for ways to attach them from the rear, so i could hang them on the wall & observe. after an hour of sawing & screwing scraps of wood moulding onto the rear and mounting a hook dead center, i hung them. upon first glance, i was pleasantly surprised at how well they hold together and read from a distance of about 32 feet; roughly how far it is from my iMac to the east wall of my studio. so i think i’ll leave them be for the moment, and focus on posting this and cleaning up the mess i made. in a few hours we’ll take a walk up north crestone creek before heading to dinner with a dear friend.