re-work of motion 10 / by Philip Tarlow

motion 10, 36x38” at 3:45pm today, after an extensive re-work

motion 10 on 4/12/18

2:34 PM next in line for a radical re-work is motion 10. this is one of the original motion series paintings which was too overloaded with forms. it was last worked on 4/2/19, or almost a full year ago. interesting to observe what’s gone down in a year! here’s the painting in it’s former incarnation. there are similar paintings from that same period that are more successful. i wouldn’t mess with them because they represent that particular period well. it’s interesting, in comparing the two, to observe the process of simplification & refinement that has taken place. i believe that if any artists work looks too much the same over time, it means he or she is being repetitive, either because they are selling well & they don’t want to mess with a good thing, or because they have run out of juice.

studio view this morning before starting work