re-work of icy creek 3, 36x38" / by Philip Tarlow

icy creek 3 in its previous state

2:03 PM: we had been looking at icy creek 3 for about a month. it was prominently hung in at the head of our staircase. yesterday we both agreed it was a candidate for the kind of revisions i’ve been making in many of the older motion series paintings lately. here you see it as it looked before i began working on it this morning.

and below is how it looked at the end of my painting day today. as you can perhaps see, these earlier versions provide a perfect surface for what i’m currently up to; a lighter touch is apparent in the sea of yellow which has been a constant recently. i received a batch of sennelier color sticks yesterday afternoon, and am delighting in the new avenues they have opened for me. it may also be apparent that i’ve been looking at a few of my bonnard & matisse books over my morning matcha tea.