work on durango & aspen creek / by Philip Tarlow

aspen creek, 17 1/2 x 68”, at the end of my painting day.

3:41 PM: i’ve had my eye on this canvas for a while now. in its previous incarnation it was a vertical aspen tree. a failure as a painting. so i turned it horizontal, went over the image with yellow-ish oil paint and launched into this new painting, which is essentially a drawing with oil sticks. it follows in the footsteps of its siblings; all riffs on my beloved creek.

earlier in the day, i did some more work on durango, which also had a previous incarnation; this one as an early stage motion series painting. it departs somewhat from the others in that it hints more strongly at the elements of the actual creek: reflections in the water, & a few white highlights on the bespeckled rock people.