starting work on "yellow creek," 18x18" for space gallery annex opening, may 9 / by Philip Tarlow

stage 1 of yellow creek 18x18” oil on linen

the under-drawing for yellow creek

2 PM: this morning i began work on an 18x18” painting for the new space gallery annex opening, taking place may 9, reception starting 6:00 pm. at 95 south cherokee in denver. all the gallery artists were provided with a beautiful custom 18x18” stretcher bar, so that all the paintings in the show will be exactly the same size.

yellow creek is in the spirit of the more recent motion series paintings i’ve been doing over the past few months. it suggests but does not describe the elements found at one of our local creeks where, about 5-6 months out of the year, i venture out a few times each week to make plein air studies in gouache on paper.

all the motion series paintings have an initial under-drawing, like the one you see here on the right, which appears, more or less, under some of the scraped areas of paint covering it.

the new work is characterized by layers of paint thinly applied, drawn into with oil sticks, scraped down and painted over again and again until the surface and the balance of marks drawn with oil sticks; scraped off oil paint and color is where i want it. while the suggestive, fugitive marks derive from rocks, branches and water, each painting in the series ideally gains an identity and a presence that transcends description. these works are inspired not only by the beauty of the creek environment, but by the painterly tradition in art, from hals to deKooning.