more work on iced creek, 32x36" / by Philip Tarlow

iced creek before todays changes

although i like what happened with iced creek, it wasn’t in the flow of what’s been happening with this series. since i want this new work to be like one gesture, if you know what i mean. so i painted over it this morning and made it into a next step in this emerging series. it was a bit of a struggle because, as i worked on it and began approaching what i envisioned, it got darker & darker until it began snowing and i had to stop working for a while & wait until the skies brightened. i prefer whenever possible to work under natural lighting. so i had a bite to eat and read some interesting stuff about bonnard in one of my books about him, resuming when it brightened up. i’ve evolved a way of working that allows the pieces to have a similar but distinct look, feel & energy, as well as a strong coloristic relationship.