work on ice in motion & meandering creek / by Philip Tarlow

5:33 PM: my mentee, k., cam over today & started a painting based upon a photo i shot years ago of the napa valley vinyards. it’s spring break, so next week he can come over any time he feels like. that works for me; i do some of my best work when he’s in the studio. we don’t say much…we just work on our individual paintings & then i might give him some feedback.

today i worked on meandering creek, a painting i hadn’t touched since december 5th. it was an interesting start, but the more i looked at it, the more i saw how unresolved it was. i turned it on it’s side and began working over it and then into it. so at the end of my painting day it looked like what you see below.

meandering creek 32x36” oil & oil stick on linen

i switched off between meandering creek and motion 16, which i’ve been working on for the past few days. as you see below, today it took a similar path to the other recent paintings in this series; one of utter simplicity.