starting "singing creek," 38 x 78" / by Philip Tarlow

singing creek 38x78” as it looked today at 2pm

today upon entering the studio i went straight for a 38x78” collaged canvas, which i last worked on a couple of yesrs ago and has been sitting in the studio. i felt the juice so i dove in, first making some marks in crayon, colored pencil, oil sticks and red chinese ink, then covering the entire canvas with yellow, in keeping with yesterdays yollowmania. then i scraped into it, revealing some of the marks i made today along with the ones i made 2 years ago.

then i cut loose with my brown oil stick and made the drawing you see. at the last minute i added the areas of white oil paint. then i looked at it and asked myself “did i really just do this yellow painting?” it seems way too much, but i’ll know in the morning.