changes to both the paintings i worked on yesterday / by Philip Tarlow

iced creek 32x36” oil on linen

today started earlier than usual. we were up at 5 so mikela could leave for a series of meetings in alamosa. when she left it was snowing heavily with very low visibility. once i made sure she was safely on her way, i was able to get to the studio much earlier than usual at 8am. there’s a rain & snowstorm happening today & tomorrow, and the wet snow downed on of the power lines, cutting our electricity. it was very dark in the studio, so i decided to spend the day stretching canvases. then the lights flickered back on & off again for an hour, eventually remaining on. so i switched plans & started working on the 2 paintings i had been painting yesterday. i love diving into a painting i don’t especially love; it allows me to go anywhere and with an air of abandon sparked by my delight at making the image totally different. today, i think this may have been the more successful of the two. i may make more changes to ice in motion 16, BELOW, tomorrow.

ice in motion 16 36x38” oil on linen