changes to iced creek & ice in motion 16 / by Philip Tarlow

4:29 PM: last night i had an interrupted sleep. it may have been the result of 2 things: our experience last week at the edwards charter school & watching candidate for president pete buttigieg being interviewed last night. i won’t go into detail, but, at the end of my dream, i was in a classroom where feedback was being given to the kids & teachers. when my y=turn came, i felt enraged. i expressed my rage loudly, and it was about the way we were short changing the students by not telling it like it is. that we are basically lying to them about the reality of the state our country is in, and how we all bear responsibility for this.

so when i entered my studio i was still in a state. i completely re-worked what used to be motion 16, which looked like what you see on the lower left, and now looks like what you see on the lower right.

simultaneously, i made chages to iced creek, which i had worked on yesterday. it was too pat; too easy. i went into it with gusto, and now it looks like what you see on the lower right. mofre later; i’ve got some vision issues & a, going home to lie down.