iced creek & icy creek in tandem / by Philip Tarlow

iced creek at 2:30 pm 32x38”, oil on linen

DETAIL of iced creek

i had been reserving this canvas for one more sky painting, but today i decided to continue the ice series. this one shows traces of the underlying creek drawing, as well as hints of a japanese scroll painting (peeking through the lower central portion of the rock) i was looking at. the blues and reds underneath have bled into the beige overpainting, creating a warmer feel than the earlier paintings in this series. economy of line allows the brown and copper marks within the rock to sing, and the white of the ice hugs the rock in a lovers vice.

before starting work on iced creek, i completely reworked icy creek, which had been a vertical when i worked on it yesterday. now it joins with the rest of the ice crew, with it’s tan-ish ground as a field for the play of ice, water & rocks. my vision has always been, in this series, for the ambiguous, suggestive, mysterious shapes to suggest to the viewer an unspecified event.they defy clear interpretation and allow the viewer to dream. iced creek, above, may not have attained this state as of yet. we’ll see tomorrow morning.