starting scroll 1 84 x 20" / by Philip Tarlow

scroll #1 at 1:45PM: here’s scrol#1 as i end my painting day early to go visit our friend, who just arrived.

SITE-3-1-19 panel 1 at 1-15pm.jpg

i’ll continue work tomorrow & also hang the 2nd scroll right next to it, possibly starting work on that as well.

1:21 PM: continuing work on the first scroll

12:11 AM: this morning i decided to launch straight into the first of 4 scrolls, using gesso & oil sticks.

note to self: i should really be leaving at least an inch unpainted on the top and bottom for the dowels that will eventually be attached & keep the canvas from buckling.

i haven’t done a maquette showing how all four scrolls will look together, so with each day that passes, that will be revealed. you, my dear visitors, who are wacked out enough to be following my process, will have the privilege of watching this as it happens.

there will be a break this next week when we’re traveling, and that is usually a good thing, allowing me to digest what i’ve done and evaluate where i’m headed.

and now, back to my step ladder.