creek creatures, 16x20" oil on linen / by Philip Tarlow

creek creatures 16x20” oil on linen

1:50 PM: back in the studio after our trip to the dentist in salida yesterday, i made a new painting, which was painted over a composition i wasn’t crazy about. following on the heels of mysterious creek, which was the last one i did, it has the same wide border and suggestive, creek derived forms. scraping into wet paint has become even more a part of the painting, whose identity rests heavily upon informed, accidental marks brimming with sexual innuendo and leaving the viewer space to roam and dream.

BELOW: left: mysterious creek, right: creek creatures

yesterday at the dentist i made this drawing of mikela with her periodontist, who, as you can see, was wearing a patterned shirt, which was fun to draw. as she worked and i drew, we talked politics.

visits to doctors & dentists and, recently, being on the campaign trail, have provided me with opportunities to engage in one of my favorite activities: observing and recording the everyday.