6th ice bound suite painting / by Philip Tarlow

ice bound suite 6

3:10 pm: i painted over another painting today to create ice bound 6, making this a suite of six, which i hung 3 & 3. this may be how they are shown in the may exhibition, based of course on the feedback i get from gallery owner/director mike, who hasn’t yet seen them. they look cool on my studio wall, but this still leaves me with lots of questions as to how i’m going to execute my 84x24” scrolls on raw linen. i’ve got the linen, but haven’t yet cut it into 24” strips. i think it may have to happen in a burst of energy, where the solution emerges from the action of painting….

and BELOW: mysterious ice; , a painting i was about to paint over, but when i got as far as the border of the tan band od paint surrounding this image, i couldn’t bring myself to go any further. too beautiful to cover.

mysterious ice 16x20” oil on linen 2019