view towards the acropolis, 2010 / by Philip Tarlow

december morning, acropolis 35x72” oil on linen 2009

5:29 PM: today was dentist day, so i didn’t get to my studio. instead of my usual update on works in progress, i’m posting this 2010 painting, december morning, acropolis, on oil on line, 35x72” in oil on linen. follwoing a trip to athens and andros to visit my son & grandkids, i made a series of paintings based on photos i had shot.


having lived & painted in greece from 1964 through 1979, mostly in athens and on the cycladic island of andros, i was deeply familiar with the landscape & the light. so when mikela and i spent the day at the acropolis and on pnika, the hill just opposite the acropolis, it was with great emotion that i gazed at those tourists sitting on the rocks. i believe this comes through in the painting. my studio during thos years was in a neoclassical house in plaka, which can been seen in the distance on the left. the painting is done on a tinted ground, which is how i learned to work from my teachers & mentors during that period. it was shown in my 2010 solo show at skoufa gallery in the kolonaki neighborhood, athens. it’s now in a private collection on athens.