discoveries made after unexpected studio cleanup, and winter creek re-shot under better lighting conditions. / by Philip Tarlow

gaze 6 48 x48” acrylic & collage on canvas, 2016

2:16 PM: this morning there was a bit of a chill in my studio, so i turned on the supplemental elecric oil-filled radiator for a quick heat boost. shortly thereafter the power went out on my desk top, all the external drives & everything plugged in to that section of my studio. i imagined the main plug that feeds all the multi plug surge protectors had somehow pulled out of the wall. it’s buried behind an impossible number of large assembled stretcher bars & other stuff. so i removed all that stuff, which involved lots of heavy lifting. to make a long story short, i later discovered the problem was that my main surge protector, sitting right beneath my desk, where my desktop is located, simply needed to be re-set, as it couldn’t handle the extra power required for the radiator i had turned on. so i took the opportunity to reorganize that area, removing the largest of the assembled stretcher bars, which you see in the photo on the upper left. i plan on disassembling them & stacking the stretcher bars, which will take up far less room.

in the process, i discovered a painting from my gaze series titled gaze 6, which is 48x48”, which you see above. it may be one of the paintings we use for a new home staging next month in boulder.

winter creek 16x20” oil on linen re-shot under bettter lighting conditions