"icy creek 3", 38x36" / by Philip Tarlow

2:37 PM: today i painted over a collaged piece from 2016 that didn’t hold up after having it on the wall in the house. the new boldness of form & line continues, with just 2-3 events ; abstracted elements that started 5-10 years ago with plein air creek gouaches & oils. as with the others in this series, the under-layers are faintly visible, although not as much as they were in the previous ones, which had predominantly white grounds. this one differs somewhat in that it has pure red marks, made with an oil stick, on the branch shape below the rock shape. the rock, encased in ice, could be floating. or falling. the yellow ochre marks it contains reflect the uneven, time worn surface of the rocks in the creek. not inlike the “liver spots” that appear on the back of our hands as we age.