3 meta-motion paintings revised / by Philip Tarlow

1:41 PM: emboldened by yesterdays breakthroughs, i launched into revisions of 2 other meta-motion series paintings, and one i had worked on yesterday. they are definitely more reliant upon direct drawing with oil pastels than their predecessors. here, for example if roiling as it looked on october 14, 2018 (left) and today. the earlier version is diffuse, with multiple graphic events taking place throughout the painting. todays version contains one main event, with 2-3 peripheral events, all contributing to the left thrusting white element.

quantum rocks was a series of 3 loosely defined rock shapes in a sea of pink & blue/green on september 8, 2018, when i last worked on it )left) now it it is a single event, somewhat akin to what philip guston might have conceived early to mid-career.

icy creek II  38x32” mixed media on canvas

icy creek II 38x32” mixed media on canvas

icy creek II, on the right, consists of bold biomorphic shapes on a tan ground, giving the impression of large rocks encased in ice. previously, it had a similar look and feel as the earlier versions you see above. this direction will likely continue for a while.