kwazu no shosa, continued / by Philip Tarlow

kwazu no shosa at the end of my painting day today

4:26 PM: Michael is still working on the new heater installation, so it smells strongly of a glue he’s using, and I hear the sound of his various tools up in my loft area. I didn’t think i’d get any painting done today because of that and the fact that I didn’t get a great nights sleep. but the juices unexpectedly kicked in about 3 pm & I went back into kwazu no shosa with gusto and a feeling of excitement that this one differs significantly from the others that came before it, while maintaining & advancing the sprit of the series.

I love when the freedom and calligraphic melody of the marks resulting in unplanned imagery, often biomorphic. there’s a seals head, a guy with a very big nose turning his head in wonderment or despair…it reminds me a lot of how I respond to some of archile gorky’s richest imagery: a flimflam of interrelated marks summarizing our collective experience of leaves, branches, butterfly wings and tree trunks swaying in a strong wind. and so taiga has moved me. opened doors for me. given me access to a language he & his wife & buddies dreamed up as regimes came crashing down and they ascended to their mountain retreat to listen to the sounds of a flute over water.