continuing work on the new kwazu no shosa, tweaks to emerald ripples & sound of a flute over water II / by Philip Tarlow

3:59 pm: today i went back into kwazu no shosa, which i had painted over with a tan oil color 2 days ago. i painted a version of an 18th c. japanese poem on a scroll. this was then scraped over, and the shadow of my hand & arm, which showed up on the canvas due to a strong light from behind, was added with blue oil pastel. I how it looks right now, but michael arrived to continue installation of the new heater just when my strong morning energy was waning,

so I left it that way until tomorrow & made some small tweaks to the 2 paintings I mention in the title of todays post. emerald ripples needed something in the upper central portion, where the white space was too large, as you will see if you look at the painting before my tweaks, BELOW left. on the right you can see the painting post-tweaks. it works now.

sound of a flute over water II, which is a commissioned version of the original, needed some work in the upper central portion of the canvas, in the 3 areas of green leafage. as I gaze at it from a distance of about 20 feet, it looks to be resolved. before tweaks, BELOW left; after tweaks on the right.