new stretcher bar storage/kwazu no shosa was painted over yesterday/minor adjustments today to "sound of a flute over water II" & "meiji" / by Philip Tarlow

4:57 PM: this morning I assembled this new storage rack for my stretcher bars. it’s already making a huge difference; they’re all sorted by size, which will make them far easier to locate when I want to stretch a new canvas. more importantly, it allows me to see what i’ve got & not order new stretcher bars I don’t need.

mid-afternoon michael came over to begin installing the new water heater, just in time for an abrupt drop in temperature predicted for thursday, with a possibility for snow thursday night.

I didn’t think i’d get any painting done with all this going on, but towards the end of the day, I did make some small but important changes to Meiji & sound of a flute over water II, which you can see below. meiji is on the left; sound of a flute over water II on the right.