day 2, kwazu no shosa / by Philip Tarlow

4:14 PM: today I did lots of work on kwazu no shosa, which I started yesterday. nothing can compare with a big white canvas. at the back of my mind was the desire to maintain some of that virgin white of the quadruple primed linen, and not apply the tan ground i’ve used on many of the others in the series.

the work today took many twists & turns I didn’t stop until just about 1/2 hour ago. for some of todays work I lay the canvas horizontally on 2 sawhorses. the rest of the time it was on the easel. the Japanese inspired calligraphy I started with yesterday still peeks through in spots. I love allowing the story of the process of a painting to be transparent for the viewer to unravel. I love the complexity of it, but I have to be careful that the story doesn’t co-opt the composition as a whole. ideally, there’s delicate balance struck, and the viewer is drawn in, becoming him or herself a participant in the creation of the story; making it their own.

BELOW left: the painting on day 1; right: today