kwazu no shosa / by Philip Tarlow

2:45 PM: kwazu no shosa was again painted over, this time with a warm white. I then scraped into it with a flexible matt knife, which I normally use to mix oil colors. it made marks that were new to me, so I just went with it.

the reason it’s photographed lying horizontally is that, although drips normally don’t bother me, I didn’t want the freshly applied oil paint to drip. so tomorrow morning when come back in, it will be dry enough to hang on the wall & photograph properly.

but the first thing I did this morning was to make the drawing for a painting in gouache on paper of an owl, for a friend who is about to go on a 2 month trip. he loves owls, so he should appreciate this.

i’ll probably make the gouache tomorrow morning, although I never know what’s on the menu until I arrive.