kwazu no shosa morphs again / by Philip Tarlow

kwazu no shosa as it looked at the end of my painting day

4:07 PM: I was able to get more done this afternoon, introducing a few areas of foliage into the composition and muting the area of red in the central portion of the composition. but it doesn’t yet feel resolved, so I may resume work in the morning, although it’s unlikely i’ll make radical changes, as has been happening the past few days.

2:29PM: this morning I had a bunch of logistics to take care of. I finally got started around 1 & have been painting since then, taking this short break to post my progress & gaze at what i’ve done thus far. I won’t say much more right now; here’s kwazu no shosa as it looked on the easel moments ago. I put it on the easel, but have been working on it lying flat on a couple of saw horses.

you will notice far bolder colors than i’ve been using in the rest of this series.