a long , tiring day of work on "8/24/17 7:34PM" with questionable results / by Philip Tarlow

8/24/17 7:34PM at 3 pm, the end of my painting day

3:02 PM: as soon as i entered my studio, i glanced at the painting and it just wasn’t working. it looked like 2 paintings: one the bright strip on the horizon line, the other the top 2/3 of the composition, which seemed way too dark. it’s overcast today, so that might have been part of it.

in any event, i made, yet again, radical changes. one thing i definitely did accomplish is that it no longer looks like 2 separate paintings. i opened my studio door and looked carefully at the landscape, which happens to be the one this painting was inspired by. i shot this photo, which is actually not that far from the sky i’m attempting to paint. this actually helped me in creating more of a united, coherent image, which is what i see now looking at it on my studio wall. tomorrow morning will, as always, tell the story. right now i’m totally wiped out. we’re expecting dinner guests, so i’ll clean up & get back to the house to help out.