returning to "8/24/17 7:34PM" / by Philip Tarlow

8/24/17 7:34PM 32x36” at the end of my painting day

3:37 PM: i was about to clean up & go home….as usual, i felt the need to make more changes, which you see above.

2:27 PM: following a one day break for doctor & dentist appointments, i returned to my studio this morning to resume work on the as yet unresolved 8/24/17 7:34PM, which is in oil on linen, 32x36.”

it was way too dark, so i lightened it considerably and broke up the dark coulds in what is basically a new configuration, using subtle tones of grey, along with touches of sky blue and ochre/orange. if you look carefully, you will see rays of light descending from the clouds on the left, which sometimes happens when there is moisture in the atmosphere & a smattering of rain over the san juan range.

BELOW: the painting as it looked 2 days ago on the LEFT, and todays version on the RIGHT.