dramatic intervention in "8/24/17 7:34PM" / by Philip Tarlow

8/24/17 7:34PM as it looked moments ago, following a few more modifications

1:47 PM: and after a few more adjustments, mostly to the band of yellow/orange at the bottom.

8/24/17 7:34PM as it looked moments ago, following a dramatic intervention

SITE-1-3-19...PT paints 8-24-17  7-34PM at 12-18pm.jpg

12:22 PM: the drama of 8/24/17 7:34PM continues to unfold. although the changes i made yesterday were important and necessary, they left the painting looking rather dark & somewhat bland. despite the uncomfortably cold temperatures in my studio this morning, i dove back in, determined to the the note of this painting so it could sing it’s song. i altered the bottom quarter of the composition, creating a sharp contrast with the menacing sky by introducing a brilliant yellow/orange, which sometimes happens here in the valley at the end of the day. lets see where it takes me over the next few hours, and hopefully it will warm up a bit so i can take off my wool cap! at this hour, it’s just 9F; up a bit from 0 when i arrived. my insulated blinds need repair, so i can’t close them at night to keep in some of the warmth that has built up through the day.

i just now went up to look at the heating system, which provides my in floor heating and so that it had gone down overnight. this happened last year when temperatures were especially cold. it requires a reboot, which i just did. but it will take a while for me to feel the studio getting warmer.