studio cleanup today / by Philip Tarlow

this morning our friend michael arrived at my studio to repair my water heater. it’s an on demand device, which heats the water that flows through my in-floor heating and comes out of the faucets & showerhead in my kitchen & bathroom. It’s going to take a week for the faulty part to arrive, and in the mean time i’ve placed 2 space heaters that run all night to prevent the pipes from freezing.

i can’t paint when there’s someone in the studio (except for k., my 12 year old mentee) so i began a long overdue cleanup. i keep putting it off because painting is always my priority and by the end of the day, i’m simply too exhausted. so it was a great opportunity, and i totally got into it. who knew i had such a variety of, for example reds? organizing them all and finding space for all those tubes is a challenge. I still have another full day of work, so i might as well continue tomorrow. the more solutions i found; for example i got all my brushes out the line of sight as you enter the studio, making the space seems far more open and uncluttered, the more my appetite for creating new paintings increased.

so that was my day today, and this afternoon we took our thrice weekly mile walk up to tashi gomang stupa and witnesses one more spectacular sunset over the san juan mountains, 40 miles across the valley.