a day of softening skies / by Philip Tarlow

2:23 PM: yesterday i didn’t come to the studio as i was recovering from the side effects of my pneumonia vaccination & didn’t feel up to it. i took the opportunity to observe the late afternoon sky more carefully, and what i saw was a much more subtle, softer transition form cloud to sky than i had been painting.

so today i attempted to implement what i had observed. i think it’s an improvement, but overall these two paintings strike me as being too dark in tone. maybe my eye hasn’t yet adjusted to this new way of working. as always, i’ll know better in the morning, and especially when it gets to the point where i bring them over to the house for critical evaluation & comparison with the others in the series.


upper left: 1/1/19, 4:21pm before todays changes; right: after

lower left: 8/24/17, 7:38pm  before; right: after changes