1/1/19, 4:21pm revised once again / by Philip Tarlow

1/1/19, 4:21pm following todays revisions

todays palette

2:07 PM: after skipping a day in the studio due to dental appointments mikela & i had, i returned with a fresh eye. 1/1/19, 4:21pm seemed to busy in the upper 2/3, so i painted over all those candy colored clouds, allowing the eye to relax & enjoy the sunset. i studied yesterdays sunset as we returned from salida, both to the west and to the east.those final 15 minutes tell the entire story, and what i noticed more than ever before were the subtleties of the transitions. those observations along with a great conversation i had yesterday morning with harwood, one of my dear friends at gremillion & co. fine art in houston, precipitated the changes that occurred today. tomorrow, i’ll tackle 8/24/17, 7:38pm.

BELOW: the painting as it looked before todays revisions, on the left, and following revisions, right.