from rocks and water to skies and back again / by Philip Tarlow

6:56 PM: today was dentist day. i had till 12:30 pm to go to my studio & get something done. i used that time, in part, to begin selecting & organizing my motion paintings for the may show at space gallery. as i was working on my desktop, i cast glances at the 2 most recent sky paintings hanging on my east studio wall. although there are only 6 paintings in this series, my passion for painting skies is fading. first of all, and perhaps most critically, my mark making is restricted. used to my freedom to make marks on the canvas that don’t need to conform to a predetermined result, i’m starting to feel like a rebelious teen. this morning, i felt like i’m done with skies, at least for a while. so i wouldn’t be surprised if i continue the motion and meta-motion series.


from the upper left clockwise: painting a sky; painting a motion painting; gestural, detail of calligraphic marks in a motion painting; the full image of that painting; one of my photos taken at a local creek, which served as inspiration for several of my motion paintings; and another of my motion paintings