starting a new sky painting: "1/1/19 4:21pm" / by Philip Tarlow

1/1/19, 4:21pm 32x36”, as it looked moments ago

painting the setting sun using the wax medium

3:17 PM: this one is based upon a photo i shot just 3 weeks ago, as the sun was about to set over the san juan mountains, a view we see daily from our west facing windows. makes you think that mikela, who designed our house, was thinking of this sky series as she planned the location of our many windows.

as i look at it hanging on my east facing studio wall, the white clouds filling the upper 2/3 of the composition seem too white, so i may tone them down tomorrow. aside from that, i love it. when i painted the setting sun, i experimented with a new wax medium made by gamblin, which blick, where i purchase my materials online, included gratis in the most recent shipment. it allows you to create a thicker impasto, which somewhat resembles encaustic.