adio chem-trail.... / by Philip Tarlow

8/24/17, 7-:8pm after disappearing the chem-trail

SITE-1-18-19  PT paints 8-24-17 7-38pm at 2-33 pm.jpg

3:19 PM: fresh from our travel and after a good nights sleep, i entered my studio and immediately saw that ron was right…again. ron is owner of the houston gallery where i’ve been showing my work for over 20 years: gremillion & co. fine art. when i sent him the image of 8/24/17, 7-:8pm, he responded simply: “what’s the diagonal?” the very first thing that caught my eye this morning was, of course, that chem-trail. so it’s history. gone to the chem-trail grave yard. as well, i lightened the too monochrome area just above the horizon line. and as a result, i think it’s a far better painting. far better. BELOW: the before (LEFT) and after