looking back: 9/4/18 "fall" / by Philip Tarlow

11:16 AM: this is a painting/collage titled fall, which i made in september, 2018. on the left,one of the drawings on canvas for this painting, made in 9/17, and on the right, the finished piece. at that time i was engaged in creating abstracted landscapes, using as a prototype the many plain air gouache paintings i was making at n. crestone creek. references to trees, grasses and water can be discerned here, as i search for a language of marks, colors and forms that reflect my experience of the creek-scape i would immerse myself in for about 2 hours at a time.

the drawing, on the left brings to mind the explorations of archile gorky, ,whose work i was studying at the time. this work evolved into my motion series, which can be viewed here: