"8-24-17 7-38pm" revisions / by Philip Tarlow

8-24-17 7-38pm 32x36” as it looked moments ago

1:44 PM: i lightened & softened those grey clouds.

8-24-17 7-38pm 32x36” as it looked moments ago

at work this morning on 8-24-17 7-38pm

12:51 PM: revisions; that’s putting it mildly, right? well, we do know that the great sky painter constable never encountered a chemtrail in all the time he painted skies. love them or hate them, they are an undeniable factor in our skies. in our high desert, vast valley, we have the opportunity to view more of the sky than most places.

as you will see if you scroll down to yesterdays post, i painted over most of the previous version )so what else is new?) except for the strip of clouds and the distant san juans on the very bottom. the three sisters at the top may be a tad too dark, but that’s the way they looked that august day at sunset.