starting the new "8-24-17 7-34PM" 32x36 in. / by Philip Tarlow

8-24-17 7-34PM at the end of my painting day

3:39 PM: it was a snowy start to the day this morning, with poor natural light. but it became brighter as the day progressed, allowing me to start this new sky high series painting, titled 8-24-17 7-34PM, which is the date and time i shot the photo this painting is inspired by. it’s a rather dramatic early evening sky at the end of august, announcing perhaps the arrival of fall, which comes early here in the valley.

these sky paintings tend to emerge in a burst of energy. often, however, i spot things that need to be modified the following day. so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. “how long did that take you?” is a question i frequently get from someone looking at one of my paintings. usually, i say “about 60 years.” and that’s the truth.