back in my studio / by Philip Tarlow

quantum rocks at 3pm

3:20 PM: as you can see, i whited over the version you see below; it was far to busy & likely a result of being away form the studio for 2 days. ABOVE:  is how the painting looked moments ago, as i prepare to clean my brushes & go help mikela make some calls to volunteers for the diane mitch bush campaign.

quantum rocks , 38x38" at 2pm

2:17 PM:we returned last night from denver & this morning i continued work on quantum rocks. i discovered on my regular visit with my eye surgeon that i need a new prescription , which explains the blurry vision i've been experiencing. fortunately, the eye that was operated on for glaucoma/cataract is soing great. but a cataract is progressing in the other eye, this the change in my vision. 

BELOW: quantum rocks before & after todays session. it will change again when i resume work tomorrow morning.