life at dan's / by Philip Tarlow


ABOVE: one of my gaze series paintings in dan’s collection. i brought it outside & photographed it in natural ight. this might be the best reproduction yet, better than what i got when i shot it in my studio.

when dan & i are together, we do projects focused around his house. we painted a tall hollow pole destined to support the overhead outdoor heater over his porch. it stands next to 3 aspen trees, so we made it look like an aspen trunk. .

we also painted the metal rims on a wine barrel. on our last visit we painted the first one, and this is the second. we used old tubes of oil paint he had lying around & made decisions as we progressed as to color selection.

engaging with dan in these projects is a delight. the fall temperatures & clear colorado skies provided an ideal environment for us to play with colors. he and i have different ways of applying color which work really well together. we get ideas from one another, and generally riff, as i love to do when i’m in my studio. but having a friend to play with is a whole different ball game, and a welcome change from my solitary experience in the studio.

the day started out with a video we decided to make, based on jokes we had been telling about the voice directions provided by his brand new red tesla model 3. you can choose from a male or female voice, and there are a variety of voice styles, from soft to harsh. what’s missing, we decided, are voice directions given, for example, in yiddish or, say, modern greek. so we mounted my video camera in the car’s back seat, pointed it at the dash/steering wheel. watch the result on youtube:

we fantasized getting gazillions of hits from hysterical tesla owners.

this was followed by a fabulous wild caught salmon dinner outdoors in the setting sun, with conversation, laughter, beer & wine.