drawings made yesterday at h&h in edwards / by Philip Tarlow

2 women at their computers in h&h

8:15 AM: yesterday we spent a lot of time in the H&H restaurant in edwards. mikela had meetings with volunteers for the diane mitch bush campaign, and i took advantage of the situation, which was an ideal environment for drawing people sitting about working & mostly schmoozing to make some drawings. except for the drawing of the leg/foot, they are in the same vein as the one i made the previous day, focusing on interactions between figures rather than a single face. in part, this is the result of the environment, whcih is social, rather than the isolated figures in doctors waiting rooms, who are reading the paper, looking at their phones or whatever. it’s interesting though, that even in a social environment, all the individuals are in some way tethered to their diital devices. the guy with the interesting socks, by the way, was working the whole time on his mac. before he got up to leave, i was preparing to start another drawing of him, this time focusing on his face & upper body.

as i was engaged in making these drawings, mikela was having some very productive meetings with volunteers for the diane mitch bush campaign. she walked them through the process of canvassing (door knocking) and phone calling, which has proven to be a less and less effective mothod of contacting voters. a few days ago she & i were in 2 different locations, each of us with a partner, knocking on doors in selected neighborhoods in basalt. there are always a few people you encounter who make your day. and yes, you do actually get to make a difference. but after a few hours my painful mortons neuroma condition kicked in in my right foot and i had to stop. i haven’t had it bother me in many months, but walking for a few hours on the hard pavement did it. nonetheless, it was a successful afternoon of canvassing. we’ll be doing more in the coming weeks, as the election draws closer.