contemplating next steps while traveling / by Philip Tarlow

rocks and water, 2000, 48x48” oil on linen

while we’re on the road for diane mitch bush’s campaign and introducing our educational products into select schools, i’m contemplating the evolution of my paintings.

just look where i was at only 2 years ago, in the misdt of creating my gaze series, many of which were inspired by vermeer. visit my gaze page, link below, to view the entire series.

going further back in time, 18 years ago, in 2000, i was making a series of rocks and water paintings like the one you see ABOVE. as with the current motion and meta-motion series, they were inspired by plein air paintings in gouache on paper, made at one of our local creeks.

i’m considering, while continuing work on the meta-motion paintings, starting a new series inspired by the thousands of skies i’ve photographed over the years. i always knew, as i took the shots, that some of them would become paintings, it just never felt like the right time. so once the midterm elections are over november 4 & i’m back in my studio full time, i’ll launch into it.