starting a new painting: 50 x 48" and whiting over 3 previous meta-motion paintings / by Philip Tarlow

purple rock

2:54 PM: today upon entering my studio, all the paintings but one that i’ve been working on seemed far too busy & loud. so i whited over 3, being careful to allow just enough of the previous layers to show though and giving me the surface i desired. i don’t know how much my current blurred vision has to do with it, but what seemed perfectly Ok one day seems like it’s screaming it’s head off the next. this morning before my meditation we both looked at purple rock, which you see here on the right, and it seemed just the right balance. so right now at least, that’s my vision for works to be hung in my may, 2019 space gallery show in denver.

the 3 i whited over, one just partially, are BELOW: left to right: nude figure with rocks, purple rocks II, and roiling.

i’ll wait for them to dry, then go back in, but not too much!