rework of motion 16 & Motion 23 / by Philip Tarlow

6:43 PM: i said i'd resume my post re: motion 23 & 16 revisions later this afternoon. that time has arrived!.

in the evolution of the motion series, i'm noticing a shift in my mark making. so for example, have a look at images BELOW. the marks are less descriptive, more calligraphic abreviations or signs; a word matisse liked to use. that has been my vision all along, but it's not something one can make happen. so on the one hand, while i do believe there is no progress, as such, in painting, every artists work , in the best case scenario, undergoes an evolution. guided by our mentors & heros, we follow the threads. or create them as we go! right now, deKooning is playing that role for me.

more tomorrow.

                                                   motion 23 following todays revisions

3:08 PM: it seems this is the period for revisions. i'm seeing differenly, and that's all i'll say right now. gotta run to the kiosk for more fabulous corn & other fruits & veggies. so for now i'm posting the images with no comment, and perhaps i'll have time later this evening, which will include before & after pics of both paintings and some musings on deKooning.

                                            motion 23 following todays revisions