what happened while our internet was down / by Philip Tarlow

                                                   the revised (yesterday) motion 16

                        motion 16-DETAIL

2:47 PM: yesterday morning we awoke to no internet. it took them 36 hours to repair the system wide problem, which happened as they were attempting to upgrade the entire system.

so yesterday i worked on both motion 16 & 17, with the biggest changes by far happening with 16.BELOW are the stages, starting on the left with the painting as it looked before i got to work yesterday morning.

gone are the delicate passages of drawing, which have dissolved into the ground to become a continuum of loose, curving brushwork, both snaking and angular. the canvas is now filled to the edges as a painterly whole, with only the most rudimentary indications that we are looking at a creek-scape.

the changes to motion 17 are few, and consist of the siena marks you see BELOW.