at work on motion 16 & 17 today / by Philip Tarlow

                                                                                   motion 16, 36x36"  at 3pm

after working on motion 17, BELOW, i went back to motion 16. it was beautiful when i ended my painting day yeasterday, but it didn't carry very far, and from 30 feet looked like a grey, undifferentiated kind of blah painting. on the other hand, it had some very subtle, suggestive passages, which i'm hoping i didn't screw up. Here's the comparative view of yesterday (left) & todays version.

11:13 AM: i'm leaving my re-work of motion 16 for the moment & returning to the recently whited over motion 17. i was in a drawing mood, so i worked into it mostly with dark drey with accents of blue & a tad of pinkish violet & siena. i'm going to keep at it as long as i have my fresh morning energy.