back in my studio, at work on durango & funky rocks / by Philip Tarlow

                                                             funky rocks, 38x38"  at 2 pm

12:56 PM: we got back from durango last night & are both back at work on this overcast, early fall-like day. as often happens after being away for 3 days, a change is taking place in how i'm working. while still on the cusp between evocation & abstraction, there is a decided tilt towards abstraction. they evoke more guston & gorky than bonnard & vuillard, i'd say.

inspired as they are by natural forms, they continue to contain figurative allusions throughout: human & animal bodies, limbs, etc. this allows the continued experience of unexpected discoveries i strive for. 

                                                            durango, 36x38"  at 2pm